Dolomites B.A.S.E. TOUR

24 aug - 1 Sept

Do you want to jump from some of the most beautiful exits in the Dolomites?

BBS offers you an opportunity to experience all of that. We will help you plan a tour of these exits, tailoring it around your skills and knowledge. We will also evaluate together which jumps are most appropriate for your level. As always, to guarantee your satisfaction, and to plan with detail, each instructor will have a maximum of 4 people per group. Our events aim to primarily grow your skills and knowledge and of course, with safety and fun. If you are merely looking for a trophy for your wall or for a sensational video to show off your talent, this event is NOT for you. At BBS you will find a team of professional coaches who will guide you through and help you discover your true potential. Also, the instructors will develop a training plan for you so that you can achieve your goals without pressure and above all, while having fun.

The event will consist of 7 days of jumping, divided in two parts. In the first part, we will be at Mt. Brento for about 3 days, where we will jump several different exits in the area. During this phase, the coach will evaluate your skill level using the monsuit and wingsuit. After this initial part, the coach will tailor in accordance to your skill level, the second portion of the event, which will take place in the Dolomites.

Once in the Dolomites, we will jump from some of the most popular exits, where you will learn or deepen your knowledge on several vital aspects of basejumping: meteorology, approaching exits, how to measure distances using a laser gun, canopy techniques and its use in the mountain terrain and much more...








Pala 4




- All the logistics and support necessary on the exit points, and   landing.

 -All the photo/video.(all the events).


- Transfer from Brento (and back).

- Lodging.

- Breakfast, lunches and dinners.

- Packing service

- Massages :-)



See You in Dolomites

We can't wait to jump with you. 
For any questions, be in touch! 

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