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We are exited to announce that we are organizing 1 week thrilling B.A.S.E. Trip to the Italian Dolomites and Sarca Valley.

We will bring you to jump from some of the most unique and amazing exit points located on these breathtaking mountains, which are proud examples of the UNESCO world heritage.

The trip will include 7 days hiking and jumping around Brento Sarca valley, from a cableway and at the end from an helicopter, exit altitude (ASL) will be between 2200 and 3000 meters.

Medium high experience is required. All the exits have a 7 seconds or more, rock-drop, multiple fly-lines to be chosen in accordance with your own skill level.


in ONE week ...a lot of Jumps


- 2 Bus Run (only for 1° day training June onepiece).

- 4 Cable car Ticket (only 1° Day training July - Aug/Sept events).

- 8 rotations with the Helicopter for different exits.(all the events).

- All the transfers from the LZs to the Helicopter boarding areas

   (all the events).

- All the logistics and support necessary on the exit points, and   landing.

 -All the photo/video.(all the events).

- DolomitesBASEheliboogie T-Shirt.


- Transfer from Brento (and back).

- Lodging.

- Breakfast, lunches and dinners.

- Packing service

- Massages :-)

If you need some of this services  click here



See You in Dolomites

We can't wait to jump with you. 
For any questions, be in touch! 

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